Celebrating the beauty in imperfection.

Let's go back to basics, reconnect to natural fibres, embrace raw texture and celebrate the individuality and charm of something crafted by hand.

Irregular stitches, loosley woven textiles, colours curated by mind and dyed by hand. Its's something so simple. It's beautiful.

It's SABI.      

Up close and personal

Em and Stevie

From a 19 year friendship, an epic connection and two minds that think as one ... came Sabi.

When these two get together, look out... its a whirlwind of linen, colour, big ideas and giggles.
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Sabi Soap HQ

Our yummy organic soap is made by Em, in Melbourne. 
Our soapy HQ is like a mad lab of oils, smells, charcoals and clays. 
Such a magical and special product and made to totally pamper your body and heart.
Get some, you deserve it!


Always Something New

We design our product, we don't source it, so that means we are always creating and developing new ideas. Sabi will always be unique, authentic and one step ahead, with new product coming in all the time.
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